BIBE 2017 Tutorials

This year, we are going to have a number of free tutorials for the registered participants in conjunction with the BIBE main conference. The following paragraphs provide you relevant information of each tutorial and their subjects. For more details, please contact the tutorial organizer(s).

More information to be announced soon.


Dr. Nikolaos Bourbakis, CART, WSU, Dayton OH, USA


The necessity of continuous monitoring of persons at risk and the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions among our aging population present great challenges for any healthcare system. Delays in diagnosis impede preventive treatments, and the associated complications are costly both for patients and taxpayers. For example, costs associated with elderly ‘falls’ are staggering. In 2000, direct costs of all fall injuries, for people 65 and older, exceeded $19 billions. These costs are also expected to surpass $54 billion by 2020.

Early diagnosis with continuous monitoring systems clearly is critical to the economic sustainability of a healthcare system. Monitoring people at risk with mobile devices requires a secure health information exchange and a secure authentication/authorization access of these valuable data for protection people’s identity and privacy. In this tutorial, we present a short survey on wearable health monitoring devices and a mobile-health monitoring system-prototype (Prognosis) for protecting the information exchange.